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The Successful Stepfamily Seminar:

Estimates say that this year (2010) stepfamilies will outnumber "first families" in the USA. Despite this fact, most of the help available for marriages does not address the specific needs of stepfamilies. And, while we might like to think otherwise, stepfamilies do face challenges that first families don't face.

There are some common characteristics seen among stepfamilies. One is that the couple forming the stepfamily has a sense of security going into the new relationship. They think that the lessons learned from their previous, failed marriage will ensure success this time. This is not the case. There is a sort of "Brady Bunch" mentality that everyone - parents and children - will blend quickly, love each other, and function like a "first" family. It usually doesn't work like that. Parents are torn between their new spouse and their children. It is typical for people in first marriages to stay married because of the kids, and it is also typical to see stepfamilies divorce because of the kids.

If you are a stepfamily, we would like to invite you to our seminar on March 20, 2010, entitled The Successful Stepfamily.

Topics include –

1. Who’s in charge

2. Why isn’t it like the Brady Bunch?

3. Biblical example of a successful stepfamily

4. Keys to success

This event is sponsored by Marriage By The Book and will be held at Faith Family Church located at 1224 Edgefield Road, North Augusta, SC from 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon. For directions or more information, call 803-334-8611. Registration is encouraged but not required. Childcare is not provided.

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